Old Testament Library Instruction

There will be Old Testament 1 instruction during class on Saturday, Oct. 17th at 10:45.  The instruction time will cover–library resources available, how to use the catalog, know which databases are most helpful for exegesis paper and how to use those resources, and Dr. Sadler will go over several print resources.

Please complete the library exercise and survey below.

Old Testament 1 Instruction and Survey

A Few Changes

Greetings to the new students and welcome back to the returning students! Here are a few changes in the library that y’all should know:

1 ) The due date for books is now the end of the semester, for any given semester. For example, the current due date for all books (excluding course reserves) is Friday, Dec. 18, the last day before our Christmas break.

2 ) There are no longer any fines for late books. However, there is a fairly hefty fine for lost books. A book is automatically declared lost after a certain period, and the student will be notified that the book must be returned or pay the lost book fine.

3 ) We now have signs throughout the stacks (downstairs) and the reference works (upstairs). These signs will allow students to browse with greater ease: for example, “Psalms,” “Lutheran,” “Church History,” “Hymnody,” and so on. For the references upstairs, each of the commentary series is labeled: “Anchor,” “Interpretation,” etc.

4 ) We are actively acquiring e-books, available on the Morton Library’s online catalog. See the guide, “How to access e-books.” We are particularly focused on acquiring e-books that are available for class resources. So, if there is a book you need for a class, you can check the online catalog and see if it’s available as an e-book. These are free for students to view online.

5 ) For this semester, we close at 9pm on both Thursday and Friday evenings. Check the “Library Hours” page for the full schedule with recesses.


Library Research Class for Charlotte Students


Greetings from the Charlotte Library! As a service to our students, the library director for Union’s Charlotte campus — David Mayo — will be offering a class on library research. This will cover a wide array of topics on how to do academic research, such as how to use online journal databases. The class is scheduled for Saturday, August 29, 10am-3pm. Lunch is included for free!

For those interested in the class, send David Mayo an email at dmayo@upsem.edu or call at 980-636-1665.

Surveys for the Research Class on Saturday:

Pre-Survey for Charlotte Library Research Training–2015

Post-Survey for Charlotte Library Research Training–2015

Assessment of Research Class

BibleWorks 10 training at Union in Charlotte


Notice to students: The library has acquired the latest version of BibleWorks and is now available for students to use. We have BibleWorks 10 on five computers: the two desktops on the lower floor, the desktop at the reference desk upstairs, and on two of the laptops, available for checking-out and using in the library.

Training: As a service to our lovely students, we will have an introductory training session on Saturday, July 11, from 12:30-1:30. The teacher will be the library’s very own, Kevin Davis.

BibleWorks is used by a wide range of students of the Bible — from the beginning seminary student to the professional scholar. It allows for easy access to multiple translations, dictionaries, grammars, and more, with the ability to navigate quickly across the whole canon of Scripture.

Here is a video demonstrating what BibleWorks 10 looks like and some of its capabilities:

Laptops for Check-Out in the Library


Among the library’s many resources, we have laptops available for check-out, while on the campus. We have four Windows laptops and one Apple laptop. All have the full Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), and two of the Windows laptops have BibleWorks. If you would like to check-out a laptop, visit the friendly staff at the circulation desk on the first floor. We also have a flash drive that you can borrow if needed.

We also have desktops on both floors, but the desktops next to the printers/copiers need to be used exclusively for printing, not for doing research. Both of the desktops in the study area downstairs have BibleWorks. Click here for a brief introduction. Feel free to ask Kevin or Thomas if you would like to learn the basics of BibleWorks, such as how to do a word study.

Free trial of streaming videos for Union students!


Union Presbyterian Seminary is exploring options that will help professors diversify the platforms through which they can teach students. One such option is the video streaming service, Kanopy, which offers thousands of movies and documentaries, especially harder to find titles. Union is currently involved in a free one month trial, which can be accessed through the following link:


If you are on campus, either in Richmond or Charlotte, you will not need to log-in. Just click on the link. If you are off campus, you use the exact same link, but you will have to enter your network credentials at the EZ Proxy login screen.